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Colleen has been very helpful during my early efforts to assist a friend with dementia. The initial and ongoing info she provided have allowed me to function on my friends behalf. I am sure I will be using more of LionHeart Eldercare’s services as the disease progresses.

~M. McGrath, 2021 April

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Home Health Care Services

I highly recommend Colleen to anybody seeking sound, knowledgeable advice about elder care. I make that recommendation based on more than two decades of friendship and her invaluable help during my mother’s last years.

In particular, I have Colleen to thank for finding a new home health care service that provided everything Mom needed and more for a much more reasonable amount of money.

Colleen is invariably responsive, empathetic and kind. Now I’m working with Colleen to plan for my own final years.

~W. Potter, 2020

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Out-of-State Family

Colleen provided tremendous help and insight when I had to deal with a sister in another city from where I lived. She helped me find the right resources and counseled me throughout a long an difficult situation that I would not been able to have navigated on my own. She compassionate, caring and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her!

~C. Renaud, 2020

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Continuing Care Residential Community

Colleen Duewel is perceptive, knowledgeable, and kind. After only one visit to talk about future living options, she wrote a series of useful recommendations for us. She included general observations about our personal situation and clear information to guide us in decision-making. We were able to decide on a Continuing Care Residential Community quite soon thereafter, and more than once we have called her for quick updates. I have always found her to be responsive and thoughtful. I have confidently referred several other people to Colleen at LionHeart

~D. Ullius, 2020

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Colleen is an out-of-the-box thinker with a real compassion for older adults and their families. She is very knowledgeable about resources in our area and has the hands on experience to guide you through the overwhelming maze of working details. She loves challenges and is persistent in finding options and solutions that will work for your situation. Colleen has patiently listened to my sometimes stressed out ramblings about my elderly family member and was able to clearly identify important issues and offer a direction for finding solutions. I don’t hesitate for a second to refer others to Colleen for her services.

~B. Johnson, 2020

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Experience & Network

Colleen has the experience, network and especially the heart to guide you or someone you love on the often-confusing journey through aging. I’ve always trusted completely that she would take excellent care of anyone I referred to her, and she’s never let me down.

~K. Akers, 2020

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